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Program Perks

Showcase your media literacy mastery with a certificate and digital badge.
Announce your certification to school and district leaders with a letter of recognition from PBS and KQED.
Review Competencies
Review the media literacy competencies that support certification.

Step 1

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Submit Your Portfolio

Need to develop your skills first?

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KQED Teach offers online courses on media literacy and media making.

Video Storytelling Essentials

Making Infographics

Designing Presentations

Your certification process begins by creating a portfolio demonstrating your expertise in teaching media literacy.

How to get certified?

Each portfolio will be assessed by members of the KQED or PBS teams. You will receive results and feedback within two weeks of submission.

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Submit Portfolio

Step 2

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Identify where you are in the process by using the self-assessment tool.
Review Portfolio Requirements

Step 3

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Use these portfolio requirements and rubrics to guide your portfolio creation.
Build Your Portfolio

Step 4

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Build your portfolio using the tool of your choice (i.e. slides, web pages)
Not sure where to begin? Start with our online course, Digital Portfolios with Maker Ed
Lead virtual and in-person PD events facilitated by PBS and local PBS stations.

By becoming a PBS Certified Media Literacy Educator you demonstrate your expertise in teaching students to produce media that matters and to think critically about their role as media consumers and creators.

Follow these five steps to get started: