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KQED can provide dedicated instruction for teachers in your school, district or county, free of charge. 

Our online courses help teachers build the 21st century skills they will need this year. Our student resources make it easy to incorporate youth voice into lessons on hot topics from climate change to economic reform. Schedule a call to get started!

For many teachers, school closures have been a crash course in making media for the classroom. Give your teachers the chance to skill up. Our experts teach practical audio, video and graphics skills using free, easy media tools.

PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification 
received a 2019 Award of Excellence from Tech & Learning magazine.

Public Education

  • California Department of Education
  • San Francisco Bay Area County Offices of Education
  • University of California, Riverside
  • California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA)

Selected KQED Partners

Education Organizations 

  • PBS Education
  • Common Sense Education
  • National Writing Project
  • ISTE
  • 100kin10
  • National Educational Telecommunications Association
  • PBS SoCal
  • Flipgrid

Our Resources

The California Department of Education selected KQED to help fulfill the state mandate to provide instructional resources on media literacy to all California teachers.

Common Sense Education rated KQED Teach a “Super PD resource for making media in the classroom.” 

KQED offers standards-aligned resources perfect for traditional classrooms or distance learning.

Resources for teachers and districts:

  • KQED Teach: Self-paced and instructor-led online digital media courses

  • PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification by KQED: Competency-based certification program 

  • District workshops: Media-making and media literacy skill-building during professional development days

  • KQED Media Academy cohorts: Teachers work towards PBS Media Literacy Educator certification so they can coach and equip their peers

  • California Public Media Education Service: Curated public media resources for teachers, their students, and the families who support them.

  • Mind/Shift: A podcast exploring the future of education

Resources for students:

  • KQED Learn: A civil dialogue platform engaging students around the US

  • Youth Media Challenges: Standards-aligned projects, for multiple content areas, with ready-to-use curricular supports for self-directed learning, published on the online nationwide showcase 

  • PBS LearningMedia: Online PreK-12 lessons and videos that integrate with your LMS

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School Districts

  • Benicia Unified School District
  • East Side Union High School District
  • Elk Grove Unified School District
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Oak Grove Unified School District
  • Oakland Unified School District
  • Petaluma City Schools
  • San Francisco Unified School District
  • San Mateo Union High School District
  • San Ramon Unified School District
  • Val Verde Unified School District
  • West Sonoma County High School District

Want more information? Download our PD overview.

Evaluating online information is now trickier than ever. We give teachers a nuanced deep dive. Teachers learn to support students using best practices from professional journalists and fact checkers. 

Great youth media doesn’t require fancy equipment or a long lead time. We help teachers build media creation into learning and evaluate student work. The KQED Youth Media Challenges are our turn-key, standards-aligned option for this school year.

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Hour-long online workshops introduce free resources from KQED and build media skills teachers can use right away.

Convene a KQED Media Academy cohort.

For teachers and TOSAs who want more, this 40-hour learning cohort is a pathway to PBS Media Literacy Educator certification.

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