How it works

1. Complete micro-credentials  to showcase your media literacy teaching abilities.
2. Earn 8 micro-credentials and become a PBS Certified Media Literacy Educator.

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Need to develop your skills first?

KQED Teach and PBS TeacherLine offer free online courses that help you
build necessary skills in preparation for completing micro-credentials.

Finding & Evaluating Information

Making Infographics

Podcasting with Youth Radio

Competency-based validation of media literacy skills for educators of all kinds.

PBS and KQED offer media literacy micro-credentials for free via the Digital Promise platform. Just follow these steps:



PBS Certified Media Literacy Educators have demonstrated mastery with 

  • evaluating, creating, and sharing media effectively to support their own learning
  • designing and implementing instruction and assessing student learning of these same skills

Once certified, you'll receive a letter of recognition from PBS to share with your school and district leaders

Certification is free.

3. Share your certification with school & district leaders with a letter of recognition from PBS.
See all relevant courses
  • Choose a micro-credential from the list below and log in to the Digital Promise platform.
  • Submit artifacts and reflections, as required for each micro-credential. Submissions will be reviewed and approved within 2 weeks.
  • Share your micro-credential badges with your peers and professional network.
  • Earn 8 micro-credentials and automatically become a PBS Certified Media Literacy Educator.

Earn eight media literacy micro-credentials and automatically
become a PBS Certified Media Literacy Educator. 

Evaluating Online Information
Analyzing Media
Creating a Code of Conduct

Evaluating Online Tools for Classroom Use 

Making Media for Classroom Use: Images, Graphics and Interactives
Making Media for Classroom Use: Audio and Video

Implementing Media Projects 
in Early Childhood *

Implementing Media Projects 
in the Upper Grades *

Assessing Student Media

Demonstrate your expertise in teaching PreK-12 students to think critically 
about their roles as media consumers and creators.

* For Certification choose one: Early Childhood or Upper Grades